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Stambolijski House was built in the last years of the Turkish rule in Niš. Construction began in 1875 but was interrupted by the war. The house was completed in 1878 when Nis was liberated from the Turks. The construction was started by Turk Ahmet Memetovic. The unfinished house was bought from him by famed Nis trader Todor Stankovic “Stambolija”, who was nicknamed for his trade and connections with Istanbul.

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He bought the house for 25 gold pounds. The original building was a rich town house with more than 10 rooms. This house was among the first to be declared a cultural monument in Nis. The house was supposed be a Museum, but due to lack of funds it was left empty and neglected. It was not until 1970 that the house was demolished and rebuilt from the ground up respecting its original architecture. Since then it has been one of the most exclusive restaurants in the city center.

One of the main chefs of the restaurant is well known in Serbia and Europe. The menu offers traditional Serbian and European fare.

In front of the restaurant is a beautifully landscaped garden, a peaceful oasis for summer guests in the city center. The interior of the restaurant beautifully decorated in the style of the 1870s.

The house specialties are veal under a honeycomb that has been cooked for a very long time and cannot be found everywhere. Pork neck roasted with honey and beer, and layered goat cheese in oak bark. Unlike other cafes, you can also get quality vegetarian food here such as risotto with vegetables and quinoa salad.

Photo: Restaurant Stambolijski

In this restaurant you will have to set aside for 2 to 3 euros, for a barbecue 5 to 6 euros, for a specialty of 10 to 15 euros, they also offer a large selection of drinks and wines that are not from the Serbian price of drinks range from 2 to 300 euros for some expensive wines.

Appetizers are plentiful and range from 600 dinars to 1450 dinars (5 to 15 euros). Fish specialties from 1200 dinars to 2000 dinars (10 to18 euros). The specialty of low-temperature veal cooked in butter is 1400 dinars (12 e). Salad and dessert prices are around 300 dinars (2,5 e).

A glass of wine is from 350 to 650 dinars. Brandy from 190 to 540 dinars. Beer from 190 to 340 dinars. A bottle of wine can run to 300 euros.

Stambolijski Restaurant is one of the most expensive restaurants in Nis.

Location: Nikola Pasic Square 36.

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