Kafana Orač is a well known low cafe and specializes in grilled dishes, if you are a meat lover, this is the place for you. The tavern is not large enough to accommodate up to 40 people, but it offers a cozy, homely atmosphere, close to the Panteleian Church. You can reach this cafe from the city center by bus, pedestrian or taxi.

Orač Tavern is a famous café in Nis for its high quality food, friendly staff. Everyone who tastes famous specialties from this tavern remembers them for a long time, so it happens that both locals and tourists visiting this cafe can hear how they ate the best steak in this tavern.

Kafana Orač
Photo: Kafana Orač

The tavern is not in kalsic ethno style but it is very pleasant and clean.

They serve both local and foreign beverages and have a very good selection of wines and multiple beers.

For local brandy you need to spend slightly less than 1 euro, while for some foreign drinks you need to spend about 2 euro for example French cognac. Beer prices range from 1 to just under 2 euros.

For more information click on the following link:https://www.facebook.com/kafanaorac/.

The cheapest wine is around 450 dinars which is about 4 euros, while the most expensive wine is about 2500 dinars which is 20 euros.

The choice of food is great, this is a good place to try Karadjordje’s famous steak of 500 grams is 780 dinars which is about 6 euros.

Kafana Orač
Photo: Kafana Orač

Kebab 400 grams is 480 dinars which is about 4 euros. In this cafe you can eat a decent steak for 1100 dinars just under 10 euros. An appetizer containing ham, urnebes, kulen, olives and whose price is 380 dinars is about 3 euros.

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