Across the street from the Haman, on your right, is a building that used to be the storehouse for cannons and war materials. Today it is a souvenir shop and an exhibition gallery. The entrance to the arsenal itself is adorned by a massive double door, reinforced with metal.

The interior space is 300 m 2 with eight wooden pillars that reinforce the roof structure. There are eight narrow openings on the walls, loopholes that they used in the event of an attack. The walls are massive and built of stone. Cannons, gunpowder, balls and other military material were kept in the arsenal.

Today you can enter the arsenal and view some of the exhibitions of paintings that are often found in the gallery.

In the Arsenal building, in addition to the exhibition part of the pavilion, in cooperation with the Faculty of Mathematics and Electronics, was introduced a digital platform which achieves faster search and greater insight into information related to the tourist offer of the city of Nis.

This digital platform is in fact a 3D animation of the cultural heritage of Nis and parts of the rich history. The 3D animation shows Nis from the Neolithic through other periods, all the way to the liberated Nis in 1918, and depicts in detail the development phases of the city as well as its role in the liberation of Serbia from Ottoman rule.